The RINK Hockey Academy

The RINK Hockey Academy provides players in Manitoba a choice for the future of their hockey development.  Players who choose to attend the hockey academy do so knowing that they will receive the best on-ice, off-ice and educational services for their growth as a player and person.

A hockey academy does not follow a typical hockey schedule of two practices and one or two games per week.  Players practice four to five times weekly depending on their game schedule, with those games taking place in a weekend or showcase tournament format.  A RHA student-athlete will be on the ice more, with more skill development, than any other player in Manitoba.

We currently have 3 teams for the upcoming 2018-19 season; Bantam Prep, Elite 15, and Midget Prep, all of which compete in the CSSHL.

The RHA players school day will be modified to allow maximum time for school and training needs. The teams will travel and compete mostly outside the province at the highest levels on both sides of the border during the full school year. Shaftesbury appointed team liaison will ensure players meet minimum standards and academic readiness for post secondary applications and career choices.

The RINK Hockey Academy is a program which will run yearly through the entire School Calendar year.

A Day in the Life

Hockey players and parents have long written off their winters to the grind of the season.  A typical day in the life of an RHA student-athlete allows for their school, hockey and training to be completed during the day.  With school in the mornings and training in the afternoon, players can expect to have all activities finished and completed by 5 pm daily.

Our players will start their day early, with core high school classes offered in a customized curriculum to offer a shorter morning class in order to accommodate their educational needs in the half-day format.  This class runs all year as opposed to the typical half-year class.  They have three “regular” class times, followed by another custom class to end their school day.  This flexible, customized, schedule is designed with the players in mind to allow 32+ high school credits throughout their 4 years.  (30 credits required for graduation)

Players will be on the bus by 1:00 p.m. daily and heading to either The RINK Training Centre or Southdale Community Centre for their ice times.  We will be working with skill development coaches in position specific, small group sessions at The RINK and with their full teams and team coaches doing skills and tactical training on the full ice at Southdale.





We are proud to be working with Shaftesbury High School in the Pembina Trails School Division for the education component of the RINK Hockey Academy. 

Shaftesbury High School offers a full range of compulsory and optional courses in the areas of traditional academics, athletics and the arts. In addition, they also offer a full slate of Honours and Advanced Placement (AP) courses for our students who wish to challenge themselves beyond high school curricula. 

Shaftesbury High School has a proven track record of providing flexible and enriching academic programming for our high calibre hockey players.

  • ​Students/Players will participate in classes thoughout the morning and travel to the ice rink after class.
  • Students/Players will be able to earn up to eight credits during each year of the Academy. 
  • Shaftesbury provides a supportive and familiar place for students to write their SATs in preparation for application to NCAA and CIS universities and colleges up to three times per year.
  • A student advisor will be designated to help the players with academic and post-hockey career planning, research various CIS and NCAA universities and colleges and will liaison with our teachers to ensure that our players are reaching their academic goals.

For more information on Shaftesbury High School or Pembina Trails School Division visit their website sites. 



On-Ice Development


The Rink Player Development is revolutionary hockey training focusing on skill development.

With our small group training and custom designed ice sheet, players will get more correctional feedback, more touches of the puck, more shots, more repetition, develop faster reaction time and will see more improvement in their game.

Skill specific training is done on a custom sized ice at The RINK Training Centre with Jon Cara, and the rest of The RINK’s professional staff.  With skill development as a primary objective, full ice practices can work on individual, team tactics and team play while position specific skills are developed in small group practices at The RINK Training Centre.

The RINK Training Centre features our custom sized ice surface in which we will work with the forwards and defensemen separately in small groups.

Skill Development will be highlighted by:

Power Skating – A specialty of Jon Cara and the RINK professionals, players will work with the premier skating coaches in Manitoba on developing their stride.  Players will learn to use their edges and proper technique to become more powerful and efficient skaters.

Shooting – To shoot harder and more accurately players require the proper technique and repetition.  In a shooting class with The RINK players will shoot more pucks in one session than they would through half a season.  Coaches will tweak their shooting technique and explain why they are making those changes to players can understand.  Shooting includes topics such as receiving the puck and positioning, quick release shooting, shooting in stride, wrist shots, slap shots, backhands, and more.

Passing & Individual Skills – Stick handling and passing are major skills often overlooked early in seasons.  In order to practice a breakout, power play, regroup or any other tactical skill, your players need to have the individual skills in order to execute those plays.  By raising the level of the individual skills of the players, we can allow for our team coaches to practice at a higher level and faster pace required to translate practice to game scenarios.

Established in 2005, GDI has provided superior training, mentorship, and guidance to over 1500 goatenders in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, and various parts of North America. Its reputation has grown due to the exceptional knowledge of the goaltending position and the ability to consistently convey that knowledge to coaches and goalies. We believe that each goaltender has a unique approach to the position. While goaltending encompasses a vast array of technical, physiological and psychological inputs, each goaltender assembles a distinct bundle of performance assets.

Goalie development is an often overlooked aspect on even high level teams. The goalies of RHA will work with GDI Goaltending who have established themselves as the choice of Manitoba’s elite goaltenders. Ryan Cyr and Dan Ferguson, Owner and Manager of GDI Goaltending respectively, will oversee goaltender development for all Academy goaltenders. This will include a coach working with goaltenders at Southdale during teams tactical sessions as well as working privately and providing mentorship while at The RINK Training Centre.

Off-Ice Training



About Elite Performance

Not only are we the leader in Performance Training…we invented it. ELITE is Canada’s FIRST Performance Centre — founded in 1998 by Jeff Fisher and Wade Miller. With over 25,000 athletes trained to date, we have been the training partner of more professional athletes than anyone in Canada.

Built for athletes, by athletes. At ELITE Performance we have over 30 staff to help you redefine your definition of excellence. You won’t find the whole gym doing the same group workouts, you WILL find a personalized program engineered for each athlete. We understand that your investment of time, energy and money shouldn’t be wasted with group workouts and their lack of results… Our ELITE programs are engineered for you: your sport, your needs and your success — coached by our ELITE Professionals — to take your game to where it needs to go.

Since 1998, ELITE Performance has had the reputation of working with Pro/ELITE Athletes. In fact, we work with many people from different walks of life. From the Titans of business, to our Pros and all the way to the weekend warrior. Each and every prospective athlete is interviewed and thoroughly assessed prior to being accepted to ELITE. Acceptance is not based purely on athletic prowess, but also coach-ability, communication skills and the desire to be #relentless.

ELITE is not just a Performance Centre, we are a community of like minded athletes with one goal in mind: success. We all know that it is not just the time you spend in the gym that counts, it is also the decisions you make in front of the fridge and the rest of the 22 hours a day you are not in the facility. To ensure your goals are reached, we back up Canada’s Best Programming with Nutrition and Physiology Lectures, Sport Psychology Seminars and solid nutrition programming to ensure you get a huge return on your investment.


Jeff Fisher
President & Co-founder, Elite Performance

After 7 successful years as the Head Trainer, Strength Coach and Assistant Director of Football Operations of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and 3 years of the CFL’s Evaluation Camp Director and 1 year with the NFL’s Test to be the Best, Jeff and co-founder Wade Miller opened the doors of ELITE to the athletes of Canada.

Since its inception, Jeff has worked with over 25,000 athletes from over 35 different sports, taking them to the top of their game. His unmatched enthusiasm and incredible understanding of Human Performance has brought athletes, from 5 continents, and trainers from all over the country seeking his expertise. He is known in many professional athlete circles as The Guru of Human Performance and Injury Rehabilitation.